Dandelion Dust

It is about the surprise and delight when opening a gift, it is about the experience of an event, a celebration when the final piece is a little memento so perfectly selected and wrapped that allows you to hold onto the memory.

It’s the gift that says you thought of every detail and that your clients’ loyalty is important

Perfectly selected, whether for 200 guests at an award ceremony, 10 hand selected gifts for your leadership team to that one special gift.

Dandelion Dust partners with you to take care of that last special item while you focus on the moment.

Our value proposition is understanding your objective, conceptualizing and presenting creative options that will add that something special to the occasion. Managing the full process from brief, to design to delivery.

We align ourselves with quality suppliers, offering a wide range of gifting and clothing options that meet your bespoke requirements.

What we do

  • Gifting
    • Corporate gifts, branded, packaged and delivered to the venue.
  • Clothing
    • Branded, uniforms, sports kits
  • Bespoke gifts, smaller quantities, personalized to the individual or small group.

Cathy Little

I started my career working in big corporates such as SAB and Citibank, and very quickly got involved in promotional and corporate gifting. Moving into the family business started by my Father Jack back in 1978, I carved out a full service gift concierge. Tapping into the existing client base of Macfor, which rested largely in the mining sector and eventually branching out to corporates and marketing and communication agencies.

My personal philosophy is strongly routed in developing strong client relationships and managing each request through personalized service. Something my Dad firmly believed in, which ultimately lead to a successful business. It is with this philosophy and a passion to surprise and delight that gave me the inspiration to launch Dandelion Dust.

My measure of success, is that “aha” moment when someone opens a gift, reads a card and then shares their special surprise.

Value proposition

In a world of clutter and consumers and clients spoilt for choice, it is about finding ways to stand out. At Dandelion Dust, our creations are by design – ensuring that the gift, promotional item, invitation or branding is bespoke and resonates with the brand.

Client centricity is at the heart of all we do, immersing ourselves in our clients brand and vision helps us create their magic.

It is about going the extra mile, not settling for practicality but striving for perfection, to the very last detail.

Working with us

It starts with a conversation (and probably a cup of coffee), followed by a presentation of well thought out and innovative creative solutions. And once you have made your decision, you can be assured that your little bit of magic will be delivered on time and in perfect style.