Shopping Information

How do I go about getting a quote?

Go to our Request a Quote page under Contact Us.

If you are unsure of your requirements or where to start

  • Skip the product details fields and go straight to selecting the “If you are unable to find the product(s) you are seeking , please check here”
  • Fill out the balance of fields and we will gladly assist

If you want to request a quote through our website.

  • Locate and select the product type that you are interested in on our web site.
  • On the resultant detail page we provide a list of links to the various suppliers we represent for that specific product type. Click on the company link(s) that interests you
  • Once on their web site(s), browse through their products and for each product that you are interested in, copy and paste each specific product page’s URL (web site page address at the top of your browser for that specific product page).
  • Paste the URL you copied for the product in product url box
  • Type the numerical number of the quantity of this product that you are interested in
  • If you have one product that you want quoted on, proceed to the additional comments section and balance of fields on our request a quote page
  • If you have multiple products that you want quoted on, select the add another product check box once for each additional product you want quoted on
  • Once you have added all products that you want quoted on, complete to the additional comments field and balance of fields on our request a quote page and submit
How can I get in touch with someone about the products?

Email: cathy@dandeliondust.co.za
Phone: 011 673 8675 / 082 871 3660

Where can I find the Product codes?

To find the product codes please read the steps on how do I go about getting a quote

Does the product price include or exclude branding?

In most instances, branding is not included in the displayed price.
If printing is included a setup-fee will still be charged. Please contact us for printing prices.


What is a setup fee?

A setup fee is the costs involved in creating the templates of the branding, setting up of the machines and required materials needed for the branding process as well as the manual labour of branding your products.

Do you do branding?

Yes. Most of the products are brandable. We take care of the full branding process making it easy for you to order through us.

How do your branding prices work?

Branding prices depend on, how many colours are in the print, the type of branding required and in how many positions your logo will be branded onto your product.

How must I supply my artwork?

Artwork to be supplied in Vector Format

Orders & Returns

I want to place an order, How do I do that?

You can sign and return the quote sent to you by Dandelion Dust or you can email your order to cathy@dandeliondust.co.za

How can I pay for my order?

We will forward a pro forma invoice to you for payment.
Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is our preferred method of payment.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, however, cancellation fees may apply. The fees will vary depending on what stage the order has progressed to upon notice of cancellation. Full payment will be required if the products have already been branded.

What are your general lead times?

Our general lead time for branded orders is normally 7 – 14 working days after receiving 50% deposit and artwork approval.
Depending on the branding type, quantity and production method used, the lead time can differ and sometimes take longer. Please confirm with us an exact lead time on your order.


Is delivery included in the costs of the goods?

Delivery is not included but can be arranged


Do I need an account to place an order ?

It is not necessary to have an account with Dandelion Dust.